Mother Nature Demands Real Manpower at Oregon Eastern Railroad

Mother Nature decided Oregon Eastern Railroad, headquartered in Vale, Oregon, needed a fresh palate this past Friday.  While snow is beautiful, it created certain challenges on the 27 miles of track from Ontario to Celatom, Oregon. Snow on the tracks is generally cleared with plows and snow blowers but switches have to be cleared with more finesse. That requires shovels and brooms.

General Manager Wayne Delong, together with his team, Travis Martin-Duvall and Harvey Williams, are no strangers to hard work and they recently had their hands full…literally.  Roadmaster Randall Roberson, who started his railroad career on the UPRR in Michigan, knows snow.  That’s why he was the first call made by Vice President of Operations Bruce Carswell.  “Randall had just finished an exhausting push to relocate equipment and materials from the Southwestern Railroad Carlsbad line to the nearby Whitewater Sub when he received the call. He immediately jumped on a plane to Oregon to help the Oregon Eastern Railroad crew,” stated Carswell. “Members of the Western Group consortium are a great team,” added Carswell.

The Western Group continues to expand by developing each segment of its present-day business, improving sales and profitability of each company, and investing in new business opportunities and strategic acquisitions … whether it involved rain, snow or other obstacles presented by Mother Nature.

Knee deep   tracks and snow   sweeping snow

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